Enchilada Soup Premium PD Recipe

This rich and hearty soup is filled with traditional Mexican enchilada ingredients. It has the simplicity and ease of a soup with the big flavors of dried toasted chilies. If you haven’t worked with dried chilies, I’m excited for you to experience the flavors they add to this soup.


  1. I made this for lunch. We both like it a lot. Topped with tomato, lime juice, cilantro, and mango. Perfect. Thanks. I love enchiladas, growing up in AZ. This gives me more sauce, which is the part I love best. Yummmy!

  2. I liked the simplicity of this soup since I made it in the pressure cooker but I felt that there was something missing in this soup. I like spicy enchiladas so after the soup was done, I added some organic ancho chili powder (it was PD friendly) and Frank’s Red Hot which was close. This soup definitely has potential with minor tweaking and it seems like me and my family liked the fresh toppings-especially the tomato!

    1. I agree and top it with diced jalapenos. I have to make a few dishes for the many people who like the flavor of the chilies with out the heat. We would make really great roommates and eating partners with our love for spicy food.

  3. Made this today while the “weather outside is frightful”! I Really like it and is a great alternative when I’m not in the mood for chili but still want that spicy taste.

  4. OK, PD’ers, grab your peppers and start your engines! The Enchilada Soup “IS THE BEST!”. I love to cook and love to eat soup and I have to say that this soup is the best I have ever made. It is just like the Tex-Mex enchilada soup that I used to get in Oklahoma. Can’t wait for PD-ED tomorrow night. Have invited my stepdaughter to come and join the fun. Would love to start a PD community group right here in Locust Grove, VA.

  5. The flavors in this soup are incredible! I thought it was going to be really hot, but it’s not at all. I tried it with Sour Cream Dream, but I really like it best without it. I love it with tomatoes on top, and with the fresh corn tortilla noodles. I also had it with Crispy Corn Tortillas, and that was good, too. I will definitely make this again!

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