Escabeche Mexican Pickles Premium PD Recipe

Escabeche is a dish of Mexican style pickles served with tacos or with a hot meal to brighten it up. Traditionally, carrots, jalapenos, and onions are fermented with garlic and seasoned with oregano. Unfortunately, pickling and canned shortcuts with vinegar gave this condiment a sour and less than desirable flavor. With this easy fermentation recipe, we can enjoy the original Mexican garnish, complete with protective probiotics. With escabeche in my refrigerator door, my meal planning shifted from “what should I make for dinner?” to “what can I put these spicy pickles on?” Fermentation mellows pungent raw onions and adds an exciting umami flavor, making basic beans and rice taste amazing. Flavorful fermented onions and peppers are known as cancer and disease protective anti-aging mood enhancers. On a Protective Diet, we have eliminated inflammatory disease fertilizing foods, and now we are fermenting vegetables to boosting their bioavailability and protection at a microscopic level to promote the immune system through our gut microbiome.


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