Everyday Regular Banana Split Bread with Okara Premium PD Recipe

This is a fun and delicious way to move things along. Say goodbye to Mama’s dried-out, scratchy-throat, bran muffins, and say hello to protective banana split bread packed with fresh insoluble fiber and plant protein. Offering your protective microbes the plant fiber they require to tighten things up with anti-inflammatory short-chain fatty acids and have you feeling better than regular. Recipes that include insoluble fiber of commonly discarded organic banana peels and soybean pulp boost our immune system. Just when I thought my whole-food-plant-based diet couldn’t get any better I started including wholegrain measurements for fresh-milled grains offering Protective Diet recipes an additional nutritional boost.

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  1. I love this recipe. My husband doesn’t like the texture of muffins and I’m having trouble with the pan version but like the notes said, I am shocked at how much nutrition is in whole wheat so I guess I will have to eat these every day. And make the muffins just for me.

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