Fajitas Premium PD Recipe

These are a remake of my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant’s Steak Fajitas. I enjoyed them topped with both sour cream and guacamole. Protective Diet has made it possible for me enjoy this familiar favorite, complete with the creamy toppings, without the risk of heart disease or tight pants.


  1. Last night I made this recipe… and Wow !!!!!! My family and my friends were like : What is this !!! It was so delicious !!!! It is a very easy and delicious recipe. My Mexican night dinner was a complete success. Sad I only have space for 5 stars… 🙁 Julie you are a genius !!! PD diet/lifestyle is wonderful addition to our lives. Thank you.

  2. My wife was excited to hear I was making fajitas the other night. I stopped by the local Mexican market and picked up a red, green, yellow and orange pepper to along with an onion and sliced mushrooms. I decided not to use the portabello sliced thickly.

    I was curious was to see how the flavor would come together and my wife even questioned me when it came to how I was flavoring the veggies. After the onions and mushrooms were browned, I released the flavors and added the spices. Since my wife is sensitive to spice, i omitted the red chile peppers.

    The end result was wonderful! I had a nice sauce in which the veggies were in and decided to plate a pair up with the gauc-faux-mole, sour cream dream and salsa roja. What great flavor! Two were so good, I had to have another! The next day the veggies were even better. Thanks Julie!

  3. Another 5-star recipe! 🙂 Fajitas have always been a favorite, and this is SO much better than the oil-laden ones I used to eat! I don’t know why I ever thought that oil equaled flavor because these are as flavorful as it gets. I added the red pepper flakes, and the ones I have now are particularly spicy, so these had some heat to them. The Sour Cream Dream cooled them right off, though! The only change I made was to make the Sour Cream Dream with lime instead of lemon, which is something I love to do when I’m going to be eating it with Mexican food. Thanks so much for another amazing recipe!

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