Falafel Premium PD Recipe

If you’ve experienced the awesomeness of falafel, you must be excited to get your hands on this oil-free recipe and start planning your Middle Eastern feast. If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying one yet, I would like to describe what they are. They are basically the hushpuppy of the Middle East. Flavorful, deep fried nuggets packed with copious amounts of nutrition. When I was creating this recipe I watched as Middle Eastern men chopped herbs and soaked beans. I had been enjoying these fried nuggets for years and had no idea how ridiculously healthy the ingredients were. I cut the oil out and man-oh-man we have a nugget of protection. I was combining all the ingredients each one more powerful and protective than the next, and remarking I should eat a PD falafel every day.


  1. These taste just like the older Greek couple make them at their Greek restaurant here in our town. I can’t use the King Sauce so I used my favorite, your Caesar salad dressing.

    Even the dressing tasted like the tahini sauce they serve in the restaurant with the falafel’s. I use the pinto beans instead of the other beens, so it may give it a little more hearty flavor. They were so so incredibly good! Thank you Julie one of my favorite foods…;-)

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