Family Size Mock Tuna Salad Premium PD Recipe

This enlarged batch will serve a plant-based family satisfying sandwiches, Tuna Melts, or calorie-conservative crunchy lettuce cups. The original recipe uses one can of chickpeas producing a small batch that requires separate mayo blending and measuring. This upgraded recipe eliminates the tin and incorporates cost-cutting dried chickpeas. This recipe has a directional flow, so you’ll look and feel like a plant-based kitchen wizard while you prepare this prep-ahead vegan classic. My original mock tuna salad was created to satisfy the environmentally conscious and healthy sandwich lover. We remove toxic mercury from our sandwiches and save our over-fished seas. This recipe will surely please everyone with all the texture and flavor of traditional tuna salad. We will eliminate obesity and inflammatory disease by cutting out fatty mayo, toxic fish, dangerous cholesterol, and health-inhibiting saturated fat. Don’t be fooled into believing false advertising that saturated fat and cholesterol are good for you. The struggling animal agriculture industry is marketing its sickening products for better sales by telling you bad things are good for you to cover up the truth. Unfortunately, most people eat up the marketing lies and struggle with obesity, disease, and pain. Stop it and eat a Protective Diet to cut your food costs in half and quickly eliminate disease and rising costs of copays, pharmaceuticals, and disease.


  1. Oh my goodness! Brilliant! This method was so easy and efficient. I have always really enjoyed mock tuna salad, but seldom made it because of the various steps involved. This new method is fast, easy, and leaves you with just one appliance to wash!

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