Fattoush Salad Premium PD Recipe

It’s the delicious dressing that makes or breaks this traditional Middle Eastern bread salad. It must be flavorful, heavily dressed, and tossed to slightly soften the toasted pita bread, and combined with garden fresh crisp romaine, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes. I was first introduced to sumac, the star spice in Fattoush Salad dressing, at a Persian restaurant in Chicago. Every table had a shaker bottle full of this red ground lemony flavored spice. It is used to brighten the flavors of kebabs, tops every plate of creamy hummus, and completes the dressing on Fattoush Salad.


  1. Ok, so any time I’ve seen the Fattoush Salad and the Falafel, I’ve scrolled past it because Middle Eastern food just didn’t sound good to me (I’ve always been a picky eater.) The thought of mint in anything besides a dessert just sounded like it would taste horrible.

    Well a few days ago, someone posted a pic of their Falafel balls and they looked pretty good. I looked up the ingredients and I thought, “I could maybe try those.” So, I made the batter the night before I planned on cooking them. As I did, the Fattoush Salad recipe popped up, so I clicked on it. Even though a couple of the dressing ingredients made me nervous, I decided to order the things I didn’t have at home. One ingredient, I decided to make at home, in my dehydrator. So, the Falafels had to wait a few days.

    Today was the day! As I measured out the dressing ingredients, I had that feeling in my throat and stomach that I get when I’m afraid I won’t like a food. It’s like my throat closes up when I think about eating it. As I made the salad, I thought about leaving out the cucumbers because I just don’t really like them. I decided to add them, anyway. (The hummus wasn’t PD, but very similar, only with cumin and coriander added.)

    I decided to keep the pitas on the side, in case I didn’t like the dressing and also because I wanted them to stay crunchy.

    I sat down to eat. I took my first bite of the salad and thought, “Hmm. That’s not too bad, but it’ll probably take me a few times of making this recipe to know for sure whether I really like it.” I took a few more bites and it kept getting better with each bite! Nothing tasted minty, either. Everything blended together into awesomeness. Then, I squirted some King Sauce on my Falafel and it was delicious! I kept eating and by the time I had finished my meal, I thought to myself, “That was REALLY REALLY good! All of it! Even the cucumbers! I can’t wait to make that meal again!” My husband loved it, too!

  2. This is absolutely amazing! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever have a salad dressing with the leafy green ingredient! It just makes your taste buds stand up and dance ! I also love when I walk into my home I now smell this ingredient very lovely.

  3. Ever since this recipe came out I have been eating this every day for lunch! It definitely reminds you of the oily version served in Middle Eastern restaurants. My only thing is that I enjoy it especially with chickpeas when I am eating it as my main meal and I will leave the chickpeas out when it is a side dish. Overall, it’s a home run for me!

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