Faux Bacon Bits Premium PD Recipe

Dress up a simple baked potato or top a bowl of PD Split Pea Soup with this delicious and nutritious bacon bit replacement. Try a chopped salad tossed with PD Creamy Ranch Dressing and add crunchy bits of “bacon”. Life is good; we’re achieving all of our health goals and enjoying the flavors of bacon without the negative impact on our health, the animals or the Earth.


  1. I’m obsessed with these bits!! I love Buffalo wedges with FOD, celery and faux bacon bits. They also hit the spot when I’m craving a savory, crunchy, snack. So good!!!

  2. I just love this recipe! I’ve been making it for the four years I’ve been practicing PD I keep it in the fridge and panic when it’s almost gone. I love the crunch and flavor starch addition to my salads and sprinkle on PD flatbread subs. I don’t get tired of it. Lately I’ve been cooking it on two pans for about 55 minutes to have it extra thin and crunchy.

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