Fermented Bananas Premium PD Recipe

I have been fermenting slightly under-ripe bananas, boosting their bioavailability and protection at a microscopic level to promote my immune system through my gut microbiome. Flavorful fermented bananas are cellular protective anti-aging mood enhancers. In three days, probiotics populate the bananas, digesting their natural sugars and producing bubbles of gas, filling each banana with carbonation. They ripen in texture, and the flavor becomes reminiscent of Ambrosia salad. Give your Yogi Bowls a boost or enjoy them straight from the jar. Adding a variety of produce to our daily diet will improve our immune system with a diverse microbiota. With fermented bananas in my refrigerator, I can add one protective piece to my meal rather than filling up on the entire banana, leaving little room to enjoy fruit diversity in my meal.

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  1. They are fluffy, sweet, fresh, and have a fermenty tang to them. Their flavor is nothing like I am used to so I definitely like it! New flavors are amazing! Definitely will eat the rest and will do in the future. It is exciting to do fermentation!

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