Fermented BBQ Sauce Premium PD Recipe

Fermentation adds a gourmet finger licking good flavor to this tangy, sweet and spicy probiotic-populated, sugar-free BBQ sauce. My sure-thing brine seal technique eliminates the need for airlock fermentation accessories. This unique fast ferment technique produces a perfect squeezable texture that will stay fresh for months in your refrigerator door with all natural lacto fermentation. With Protective Diet recipes for Favorite Fries, Batter & Bake Onion Rings, Cutlets, BBQ Burgers, Smash Browns, BBQ Bites, Not Yo Mama’s Meat Loaf, and more, this health-promoting condiment will disappear fast.

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  1. I almost did not make this recipe because I LOVE the sweet & spicy BBQ sauce so much, but I’m glad I did. This sauce is very good and has the added benefit of probiotics. I don’t know which sauce I like better…it’s a toss up!

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