Fermented Cherry Tomatoes Premium PD Recipe

The end of the summer in Chicago came with threats of frost. Every year I panicked and picked all the tiny green tomatoes off their vines, with the hope they would ripen on my countertop. With this recipe, you can enhance and preserve the red while enjoying the green just like olives until spring. Fermented green tomatoes expand our protection with plant diversity and cancer-protective tomatine found in green tomatoes. This phytochemical protects the unripe tomato and its plant with fungicidal and antimicrobial protection. When consumed, we receive the phytochemical benefits in the form of cellular protection. After tasting these olive-like delicacies and learning about protective plant chemicals, you may want to pick next summer’s tomatoes green. Fermentation intensifies the flavor and increases the bioavailability of protective phytochemicals. My sure-thing quick-prep fermentation technique and the outstanding flavor it produces will keep you serving your immune system a boost with every meal. This recipe produces a quart of the most exciting carbonated functional food condiment, rich with lycopene or tomatine that is multiplied and easier for the body to absorb due to fermentation.

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