Fermented Ketchup Premium PD Recipe


Just a four-day ferment to the best tasting tangy, probiotic-populated, sugar-free ketchup! Only three ingredients, a jar and my sure-thing brine seal technique that eliminates the need for airlock fermentation accessories. This technique produces a perfect squeezable texture that will stay fresh for months in your refrigerator door with all natural lacto fermentation. The tang is perfection! With Protective Diet recipes for Favorite Fries, Batter & Bake Onion Rings, Hot Dignity Dogs, BBQ Burgers, Smash Browns, Cheeze Burger Mac, Not Yo Mama’s Meat Loaf, Hushpuppies, the Egg-less Omelet and more, this health-promoting condiment will disappear fast.

Fermented Ketchup Premium PD Recipe
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  • 1 wide mouth pint or 1.5 pint sized jar
  • 1 plastic or metal lid


  1. Read directions and notes
  2. This fermentation recipe should follow making the Probiotic Pickled Onions recipe featured in PD-Ed Class #229 – Fermentation Techniques & Tools Part 1 – Water Brining
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  4. In a small mixing bowl, stir together 6 ounces tomato paste, ¼ cup erythritol, and ¼ cup brine from the Probiotic Pickled Onions
  5. Using a spatula or spoon, carefully place mixture into jar; avoid getting paste on the sides of the jar while spooning it in the jar push down to eliminate air pockets
  6. Gently spoon or pour remaining ¾ cup of onion brine over the top of the paste to create an anaerobic brine seal
  7. Carefully wipe off any paste that is on the inside of the jar and uncovered by brine
  8. Cover with a lid and place on a plate, tray or plastic lid to catch any brine that might bubble out during fermentation
  9. Write today’s date on the jar
  10. Ferment for four days, out of direct sun, in a room that is 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit
  11. On the fourth day it will have a tangy smell from the natural production of lactic acid
  12. Using a spatula, place the entire contents of the jar into a high-speed blender and blend for one minute on high
  13. Do not blend longer or heat over 110 degrees as heat will kill probiotics, eliminating the health benefits and natural preservatives
  14. Transfer to a squeeze bottle or place back into the jar
  15. Refrigerate up to six months (If storing in a jar, take care to use clean utensils to avoid introducing ingredients that may cause ketchup to spoil)

Notes & Pro Tips:

  • The probiotic populated brine from the Probiotic Pickled Onions accelerates fermentation and adds an onion flavor typical of ketchup
  • After four days, a tangy smell and flavor will develop from the production of lactic acid
  • All natural lactic acid is a byproduct of probiotics digesting the sugars in the tomato paste
  • The lactic acid will preserve Fermented Ketchup for months in the refrigerator
  • This is an easy way to add protective probiotics into your family’s diet
  • If your home is warmer than 75 degrees, fermentation will happen faster, and if it is colder than 65 degrees, it will ferment slower
  • I tested this without erythritol and it didn’t taste like ketchup
  • Ketchup is typically sweet and tangy
  • This recipe is not sweet
  • The erythritol balances the tang of fermentation

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  1. posted by Janice Price on June 15, 2019

    This fermented ketchup is really delicious. I love the aroma when you remove the lid from your blender after processing, and the flavor doesn’t disappoint either. It is more savory than sweet like traditional ketchup, and is packed full of probiotic goodness!

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