Fermented Ketchup Premium PD Recipe

Just a four-day ferment to the best tasting tangy, probiotic-populated, sugar-free ketchup! Only three ingredients, a jar and my sure-thing brine seal technique that eliminates the need for airlock fermentation accessories. This technique produces a perfect squeezable texture that will stay fresh for months in your refrigerator door with all natural lacto fermentation. The tang is perfection! With Protective Diet recipes for Favorite Fries, Batter & Bake Onion Rings, Hot Dignity Dogs, BBQ Burgers, Smash Browns, Cheeze Burger Mac, Not Yo Mama’s Meat Loaf, Hushpuppies, the Egg-less Omelet and more, this health-promoting condiment will disappear fast.

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  1. This fermented ketchup is really delicious. I love the aroma when you remove the lid from your blender after processing, and the flavor doesn’t disappoint either. It is more savory than sweet like traditional ketchup, and is packed full of probiotic goodness!

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