Fermented Habanero Mango Hot Sauce Protective Diet Premium Recipe

Rated our hottest live super-food condiment. Our wrinkle-reducing, chemo-protective, fruit-enriched hot sauce is formulated to dramatically improve your condiment quality, mealtime excitement, and healthy life experience. Protective Diet fermented hot sauces are low-sodium organic condiments containing six times less sodium with improved flavor at one-fifth the price of commercial hot sauce. This fun recipe is naturally populated with proven mood-enhancing, cellular protective, immune-boosting, anti-aging, memory-enhancing probiotics. This golden sauce will stay fresh forever in your refrigerator door making it easy to keep it handy to add kick to everything. Naturally preserving with fermentation improves flavor and nutritional bioavailability. Fermented peppers and garlic are shown to be cancer-protective, anti-aging, improve cognitive health and promote cellular recycling known as autophagy. I have simplified fermenting making it a fun and rewarding addition to our workplace for wellness routine with Protective Diet Education.

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