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Bread Maker Whole Wheat Loaf Bread Premium PD Recipe

I’ve perfected this easy-bake whole-grain loaf to be a light and fluffy sure-thing with organic fresh milled options. The onion version is irresistible. When summer comes and the kitchen is heating up, and garden tomato-cucumber sandwiches are all I desire, I effortlessly toss ingredients into the bread maker and turn it on. With a batch of Healthy Valley Ranch, I can pick a ripe tomato and call it dinner. With a new or secondhand bread maker, we can cut ties with the frozen loaf of “healthy” store-bought bread. This simple, cost-cutting, deliciously fresh loaf of bread is perfect when cooled and sliced for sandwiches, toasted for Better Than Bacon BLTs, or cubed into Steak House Croutons for an epic Caesar or Panzanella Salad. It can also be sliced, battered, and baked to make the most incredible oil-free, plant-based Oven Baked French Toast. The hardest part about making this quick-prep bread is waiting for the machine to do all the work and for it to fully cool for perfect sandwich slices. If you just can’t wait for your delicious loaf to cool then jump in and rip off a hot piece to dip into Spices & Herb Bread Dip or your favorite Protective Diet soup. A fresh loaf will turn a deliciously dressed chopped salad into an unforgettable 50/50 veggie and starch balanced meal. With this recipe, I can fill my freezer with ready-to-bake slices of Frozen Cheezy Garlic Bread to complete a cup of Instant Tomato Soup or Oil-Free French Onion Soup on chilly evenings.

  • Bread Maker Whole Wheat Loaf Bread Premium PD Recipe

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Onion Bread Option—add to dry ingredients:


  1. Read all Directions and Notes
  2. Secure mixing blade into the bread maker pan
  3. Add yeast, yogurt, and water to the bread maker pan; set aside
  4. Measure or mill flour into a large mixing bowl
  5. Add salt, psyllium husk, and additions for onion bread if desired (chopped dried onion and onion powder)
  6. Whisk dry ingredients evenly together
  7. Pour dry ingredients on top of the wet in the pan
  8. Set & Start bread maker: 2-pound Loaf, Basic, Dark Crust, and Start (I do not use the whole grain setting)
  9. Relax and enjoy the luxury of this ingenious appliance
  10. Once baked, remove bread pan from the machine and allow to cool completely for perfect slices using a sharp serrated knife
  11. Crunchy crust will become soft when baked bread is left in a closed bread maker

For Thin Slices:

  1. Remove bread from pan and cool completely
  2. Use a serrated knife in a reciprocating motion without pressure
  3. Allow the blade to naturally move down into the slice while gently but vigorously sawing back and forth (be patient for perfectly thin sandwich slices)
  4. An electric knife can be used in the same way

Notes & Pro Tips:

    • Read recipe description for serving suggestions
    • Psyllium husk is a plant fiber that absorbs liquid ingredients producing a lighter and softer bread texture
    • When measuring commercial flour, I scoop into a canister or bag and finger level each cup
    • The Onion Bread is our favorite and was enjoyed by all my neighbors warm out of the bread maker on our driveway with compliments to the chef
    • High-quality onion powder makes a big difference; order the linked powder for the best flavor
    • I found a Cuisinart bread maker at a secondhand shop for $5 and looked up the instruction manual online, but with this recipe you have all the instructions you will need
    • Our neighbor gave us his Wellbuilt brand bread maker that Jerry prefers because the pan doesn’t have a non-stick coating
    • The reviews on upright loaf or compact bread makers are not great; if you love bread the counter space is worth a full-sized unit
    • The unit doesn’t have to be operated in the kitchen. Mine is plugged-in in the pantry.
    • Take the pan to the kitchen, layer the ingredients, and run the pan back to the bread maker
    • A bread maker doesn’t need your supervision and can be set up first thing in the morning or before retiring for the night for sweet dreams
    • This bread is free of preservatives and will spoil if left out at room temperature; refrigerate leftovers and use within a couple of days
    • Use leftovers to make Steak House Croutons for Caesar Salad, Seasoned Bread Crumbs, Frozen Cheezy Garlic Bread, or Stuff Yourself Stuffing
    • I recommend wrapping sliced bread and freezing the day it is made; it’s great when you need a couple of slices and all you have to do is toast them
    • This homemade bread is much less expensive than buying bread at the health food store, the taste and texture are superior, and this recipe is the cleanest whole-grain version you will ever enjoy
    • Even though this bread is whole wheat I found it to have a softer texture when cooked on the Basic setting rather than the Whole Grain setting
    • Active dry yeast can be stored in the freezer for years past the expiration date
    • Occasionally my bread loaf sinks, but fresh-baked sunken bread is still way better than no bread
    • Jerry loves to weigh and mill the wheat berries and assemble the Onion Bread
    • We share slices with neighbors so we can make a fresh loaf and fill our house with appetizing aromatherapy every day
    • Hard winter white wheat berries produce the lightest whole wheat loaf, but we also enjoy heartier wheat bread made with combinations of Kamut and Spelt. Hard red wheat berries are processed into flour labeled whole wheat. We are not fans of the rough and dense texture of red wheat and suggest whole white wheat when purchasing flour and hard white winter wheat berries when milling for the lightest whole grain bread


  1. I’ve been making bread for years. This is by far THE BEST bread I have ever made. My family loves it. They even used the words “light” and “fluffy” to describe it. They could not believe it was 100% whole wheat and oil-free. Today I layered the ingredients in my bread maker and we went to church. We came home to the wonderful smell of baked bread and a perfect loaf. I’m so excited to stock up on the protective ingredients for our forever go-to bread recipe. Thank you so much for creating this!