Flower Water Premium PD Recipe

This gorgeous, ruby red, zero-calorie beverage tops the charts with antioxidant power leaving green tea in the dust. Hydrating and freshly tart, this elixir will protect your immune system with the unmatched, powerful defense of flower power. This is the signature beverage on a Protective Diet and is what everyone is sipping on. Fill you gym water bottle or serve it at dinner in a wine glass. The beautiful color will have everyone asking you how to make Flower Water.

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  1. I used hibiscus tea bags and lemon balm to make a summer drink like this. This was before PDL, so I will be getting the flowers to make the tea. Lemon balm does all sorts o nice things for your body. But it is delicious!

  2. While at my local Mexican market I remember to pick up some hibiscus flowers on the way out. When I got home, I made 2 quarts of hibisicus water, after it chilled for a few hours I had my first taste. Refreshing is the best way to describe this drink. It’s not so tart, but has that hint of cranberries that Julie described.

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