Freezer Fries Premium PD Recipe

Baked fries are great, but they are missing the convenience and texture of the pre-cut take & bake fries from my grocer’s freezer. As a longtime vegan, I miss standing in the freezer aisle trying to decide between crinkle cut or steak fries. I finally figured out the secret for perfect freezer fries minus the chemical food additives, oils and the expensive price tag. This recipe will have you hoarding potatoes, filling your freezer, saving time, money and slimming down while pleasing your kids Protective Diet Style.

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  1. So if you’re baking on the same day that you make the fries, the oven needs to be preheated, but if you’re freezing and then baking later, you don’t need to preheat? It seems like they would need to cook longer if they were starting from frozen…

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