French Onion Soup with Cheeze Croutes Premium PD Recipe

Spring is sweet onion season, so let’s take a spring break at my health-focused French café. Serving hot cups of French Onion Soup paired with spring’s baby greens tossed in Sweet Mustard Dressing or your favorite Protective Diet oil-free vinaigrette will leave you feeling as fresh as the change of the season. Americans call it a crouton, and the French call it a croute. Italians call it a crostini, and I hope your family calls it delicious! Melt & Bake Cheeze and Protective Diet Broth Mix make oil-free plant-based French Onion Soup party-worthy and sure to be a top-rated recipe.


  1. I tried the French onion soup for the first time. I have had the non-PD version hundreds of times before PD. It is wonderful!!! My husband agreed!

    It is also SO EASY!!!! I’ll probably make this every week!

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