Fresco Sauce Free PD Recipe and Cooking Video

Unprocessed meets Protective Diet – Chef AJ and Julie Marie joined together in the Protective Diet Test Kitchen to create a nutrient-dense sauce that will brighten up a Green Burrito, freshly dress a leafy green salad, or give a simple rice bowl some zing. The clean flavors have an exciting finish with the optional addition of jalapeño. This sauce can be a sweet and spicy salsa for Baked Corn Tortilla Chips or it can stand alone as a fresh green gazpacho with the addition of diced cucumber.

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  1. Made this tonight. Didn’t have any lime, so used lemon still very powerful stuff. Clean fresh full of flavor. I see many many more burrito bowls in my future, heavy on the greenery!

    Thanks again!

  2. Simply Scrumptious! This is so delicious I just can’t stop thinking about all the stuff that can get dipped in this sauce – spring rolls, tortilla chips, any crisp veggie or lettuce wrap – really I can’t think of anything that this sauce wouldn’t taste good on 🙂

  3. Two of my FAVORITE people in the kitchen together, couldn’t get any better than that…… OH WAIT yes it can, they created a recipe together!!!
    I haven’t even made this yet (no cucumber) but I KNOW it will be AMAZING, will post after I make it. 🙂