Frosty Scoops Premium PD Recipe

This is the two ingredient Frosty 2.0. The original sugar-free spoonable delight soothed many through their thirty-day detox. With the incorporation of Day Fasting a batch of Frosty would put us way over the edge of full. I have created a manageable scoop and storage system to resolve this challenge and keep us as slim as can be. The recipe eliminates banana flavor to enhance the satiating ghrelin-producing protective dark chocolate. Two organic protective ingredients are whipped and frozen into ten convenient single-serving scoops. With this recipe and mindful storage technique, we can make one batch to enjoy a microbiome-boosting creamy chocolate treat every night of the week. This is currently our favorite chocolate feast finisher. Enjoy a cold creamy chocolate moose-like scoop while you read about the appetite-suppressing, microbe-building, neuro-enhancing, and cardio-protective benefits of cacao at the bottom of this recipe.


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