Frosty Free PD Recipe

This chocolaty frozen whipped treat tastes like guilt in a glass, but in reality it’s a healthy dream come true. Start freezing your bananas today and enjoy a Frosty tomorrow.

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  1. This “ice cream” treat never lets us down. It is our Friday night, movie night treat. It is always delicious and very fast to make. We love making it with different frozen fruits and cocoa nibs for crunch!

  2. Sooooo yummy! Made this healthy sweet treat for my mom who is NOT PD at all and she loved it and asked for more! I eat it almost every night to get my chocolate fix 😉 Thanks Julie Marie for a healthy choco treat!!!

  3. So, I am new to PD and made my first frosty tonight. I halved the recipe for my husband and I and added ¾ cup of ice. Also, no Stevia or Almond extract. Turned out great and we love it!

  4. Does Cacao powder have caffeine like cocoa? Or am I wrong about cocoa having caffeine? I am super sensitive to caffeine especially in the evening. I have always wondered how people could eat chocolate after dinner and sleep

  5. This time I made Frosty with all ingredients…..amazing!! REALLY!!! THIS RECIPE is a WOW!! at my home tonight… no one wanted to try it… it makes a pretty nice size batch…guess what…it’s all gone! thanks Julie!!

  6. Love this one. I leave out the stevia. Also I have added blueberries. This is one my husband enjoys. This recipe makes a big batch so I freeze the additional in small containers.

  7. Can not believe I waited soooooo long to make this, it was AMAZING!!! Everyone that had some (4 of us) LOVED it and there was still some left over (that my husband was more than thrilled to clean out of my vitamix) so if you like Wendy’s frosty’s you will be in heaven with how much this makes. My niece doesn’t like the taste of ripe bananas but she was so surprised she couldn’t taste the banana and how much it tasted like a Wendy’s Frosty!! 🙂

  8. Uh yes please may I have another? lol I make this so many different ways, you can’t get bored with them. I’ve blended bananas with just about every fruit and combination. With the carob powder I prefer cherries the best. Without the carob powder I like bananas, pineapple, and mango! YUMMY

    My dog sits patiently by when he hears the vitamix cuz he knows he gets to lick the drippings! I’ve even made ice cube treats for him and keep them in the freezer for a treat on a hot summer day!

    1. Update, I had to put it back in freezer as I got busy doing something, just sat down with my peppermint tea and had my first bite, I did not re blend, I just am taking small bites with a desert spoon, I love the texture after being back in freezer so close to ice cream, Delicious!

  9. Everytime I try a new recipe I think it can’t get any better! But it does! This one is awesome! Hard to believe no sugar and everything in it is good for you! My kids loved it to:) Glad I found something I don’t feel quilty making for them:)

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