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Creamy smooth or loaded with magic fat-free NUTZ! We are celebrating guilt-free silky smooth organic plant-based PD Fudge. Oh my, how I wish I had this quick-prep, sugar-free, low-cal fix of chocolaty decadence to carry me happily over the hump of the Protective Diet 30-Day Detox. The texture is creamy and each bite is full of rich dark cacao. Do not be intimidated by the look of these beautiful chocolate nuggets. They are designed to be very deceiving, possibly guilt-evoking, and they might make friends question your dedication to optimal health. At last we can have our Fudge and eat it too!


  1. This was such a treat to taste after making it. I could tell by licking the spoon that it would be delicious and it was. I agree it would make an amazing silk pie with a crust. I substituted cacao bits and it tasted like it had little nuts all through it. Quite sweet and satisfying. Thank you Julie!

  2. Yummy! I’ll be making this again. I could see this as a French Silk pie filling as Marie said. I think it is more of a dense rich moist brownie taste/feel or even a truffle filling. Those not on PD would be disappointed when they are expecting FUDGE but for those on PD – very satisfying AND healthy! I used the extra-firm since that is all I buy for other PD recipes.

  3. I have made this three times this week. Family favorite. On my third batch we added 1 teaspoon of orange flavor. Tasted like the chocolate orange is used to eat at Christmas time.

        1. Hi!
          Yes. All PD recipes are dairy-, oil-, sugar-, nut-, and additive-free whole foods and plant based.
          When you are logged into your premium account you will notice that the yogurt ingredient is green.
          All green text is linked.
          In this case the yogurt ingredient is linked to PD Plant Based Yogurt
          Hope this helps!

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