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Cheezy potato comfort food casserole is also known as Party Potatoes, popular in both Mormon and Southern communities. The popular dish received its appropriate name because it is commonly served during after-funeral dinners. It is served at most social gatherings and potlucks in Latter-day Saints communities. With a Protective Diet makeover, I expect Funeral Potatoes to become a favorite quick prep take and bake casserole to comfort and satisfy the entire Protective Diet community.

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Comments (10)

  1. posted by Julie Greenman on May 1, 2017

    I made these on Saturday and cooked them on Sunday, and they were good but pretty dry. I wonder if anyone has added more sauce to make the dish moister?

    • posted by Julie Marie on May 22, 2017

      You could add more sauce, but they will not have a crispness to them. Use a smaller pan next batch then they will not be spread out as thinly and will be moister.

  2. posted by Julie Greenman on April 27, 2017

    Can I freeze this dish?

    • posted by Julie Marie on April 27, 2017

      I’ve never had any leftover after one meal with Jerry and I eating. You could give it a try.

      • posted by Julie Greenman on April 28, 2017

        I just mean, if I had a lot of hashbrowns that I wanted to be able to use up or prepare ahead of time, I wondered if I could make a few of these and put them in the freezer.

  3. posted by shannon rodeback on February 28, 2017

    This is such an easy recipe and we all love it! We’ve had our fair share of funeral potatoes (since we are LDS ) and these are so good!

  4. posted by Diane Richardson on February 25, 2017

    This was so easy, and so good. I can see this dish going to alot of gatherings.

  5. posted by sbb1024 on February 23, 2017

    what can you use instead of pr yogurt?

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