Garden Confetti Bread Premium PD Recipe

This gorgeous, fat-free, high-fiber, sugar-free, date-free, zucchini-carrot-fruit bread incorporates delightful textures with surprising whole plant ingredients. I gave my original zucchini bread from 2011 a vegged-up, fresh-milled makeover incorporating ten life-changing years of PD test kitchen discoveries and nutritional intervention advances. Incorporating various plant ingredients is critical to strengthening and maintaining a protective microbiome. Microbes manage our moods, feelings, choices, and our physical health. They control our hormones, neurotransmitter production, metabolism, histamine production, digestion, and food choices to name just a few. When we promote, populate, and feed healthy resident microbes they produce short-chain fatty acids efficiently putting out inflammatory fires to maintain a tight protective epithelium (gut wall). These microscopic heath soldiers eliminate viral spread, allergies, food sensitivities, disease, and metabolic disorders. They are in charge and I teach how we can manipulate them to make us feel fantastic and achieve optimal health. Join me and all my healthy microbes in The Protective Diet Education Classroom for innovative whole-food-plant-based recipes, cooking techniques, and protective lifestyle suggestions to populate and promote a healthy and diverse microbiome. Understanding the ‘why’ behind the foods we eat and those we eliminate is invaluable for long term success. Protective Diet recipes are designed as weekly educational bites to achieve and maintain optimal health with a sustainable diet incorporating plant-based functional foods based on advances in microbiology and phytochemical research.

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  1. Put together 2 loaves. Made the Cherry version. Froze one loaf in slices like JM suggested. It really helps to have prepped the veggies ahead. Bagged & froze a few batches for next time. Thanks Julie Marie for giving us such delicious and nutritious food!

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