Garlic Dill Pickles Free PD Recipe

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Are you a pickle lover? Protective Diet’s refrigerator pickles are low in sodium and free of MSG. I eliminated the typical sugar and corn syrup to provide you with a low calorie crunchy snack. These are quick to prep and made without any heat. Serve them at your next BBQ or pack them up on a picnic. I keep a jar of these flavorful pickles in my refrigerator door at all times.

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    Comments (17)

    1. posted by veganinblack on July 5, 2013

      i just bought the crinkle cutter especially for the pickles. i could eat the whole jar. i probably will.

    2. posted by Denise on July 29, 2013

      I’ve never been a pickles fan, but for some reason, I really wanted to make these. I sure am glad I did; they’re amazing! My husband, who *does* love pickles, said that they’re the best he’s ever had! Time to make another jar!

    3. posted by Denise on July 29, 2013

      The only disappointment I had was that I couldn’t find my crinkle cutter anywhere! 🙁

    4. posted by Julie Marie on July 31, 2013

      You can order a cutter on protective diet under products.

    5. posted by Jennifer on December 1, 2013

      These are so, so good! A great way to use up cucumbers during the height of garden season. We used up lots from our CSA share. We did slices and spears, some spicy, some regular. Any way you try it, they are all good and don’t last long. Great, healthy snack. I do want to try some without stevia, I think that would be a good option as well.

    6. posted by newhopeden on January 4, 2014

      I keep a batch of these and the non-spicy ones in the fridge to add to salads, wraps, or just to eat for a snack. I could eat a whole jar of claussen pickles before I went PD and I was afraid these would be more like some canned pickles that I have tried that were mushy, but nope, these are crispy and stay crispy all week…up to two weeks for me if I leave them alone that long! lol Plus you can reuse the mix and add more cucumbers in!

    7. posted by deskjockie on March 14, 2014

      Julie, is there any reason the cucumber couldn’t be chopped up and made like dill pickle relish? Would you change the proportions for that? Thanks!

    8. posted by Penny on March 23, 2014

      Oh My Goodness!!! These are the best thing since sliced bread!
      You have all raved about these and I thought to myself come on people they’re just pickles.
      OH NO…….. they are not just pickles!
      If you like pickles you HAVE to make these as soon as possible. I couldn’t stop eating them and was feeling like I was eating too many but then realized it was only 1 cucumber.

      I will definitely change some things when I make more (my husband is out getting me some more organic cucumbers as I type) I will use a larger jar that has a wide mouth because the first one I used was too small and I had to work to hard to get the pickles out (didn’t want to waste the juice since I knew I was making some more right away).
      I will also be on the look out for one of those fancy cutters and I will most definitely be doubling if not tripling the recipe from now on!

      Lucky for me my husband doesn’t like them which means I get them all to myself. 🙂

      Thanks Julie for this GREAT recipe!

    9. posted by Cindy Hall on March 31, 2014

      Loved these pickles. I don’t like my pickles very sweet, so I only added a few drops of stevia. My husband is not a huge fan of cucumbers but he couldn’t stop eating these! Thanks Julie for another great recipe.

    10. posted by veganinblack on April 9, 2014

      pickles are now a staple in my house. so quick and fun to make. i need bigger jars!

    11. posted by Brittany on April 24, 2014

      These are easy to make and oh so delicious! I could not find dill seeds, but they still turned out great. Pickle spears were one of my favorites and these are even better than the ones I remember eating. Highly recommend!

    12. posted by Diane Richardson on December 9, 2014

      My husband couldnt believe I made them. So delicious and easy

    13. posted by kqwelch on January 24, 2015

      These are so AWESOME!!!!!! I’ve shared them with my work family who feel the same as I do. Thank you, Julie!!!!

    14. posted by Sheree Britt on December 1, 2016

      Boy Are these a home run. I make them every week. They are fantastic diced up and added to the faux tuna, chopped salad, and eaten alone

    15. posted by shannon rodeback on July 31, 2017

      These are delicious. Everyone, PD and non-PD alike, loves these. So simple to make too.

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