German Potato Salad Premium PD Recipe

This warm potato salad was a specialty of my mother’s. It may have been the bacon rich recipe that started the onset of our heart disease. Now we are both celebrating our health, clear of blockages and our artery walls are smooth thanks to the daily practice of a Protective Diet. I owe the remake of this comfort food favorite to my mother who exposed me to the original flavor profiles and my brother who requested it every chance he had. The flavors and fragrance of the vinegar and onions take me back to childhood when health wasn’t a thought and bacon wasn’t associated with destruction.


  1. I can recall variations on German potato salad growing up, it was a very different alternate from the mayo laden potato salad I was more accustomed to. Needless to say I wasn’t too excited about this version growing up. Yet times changes, we mature and our taste buds yearn for different flavors. Thankfully Julie has found a great recipe and a healthy version of this dish.

    I used Yukon Gold potatoes and Walla Walla onions for this recipe. I did like the idea for the Better Than Bacon, but I decided to go without it the first time, hoping the liquid smoke would add just enough flavor to carry the dish.

    As the potatoes boiled, I sauteed the onions then added the liquid and whisked until it thickened, which didn’t take but a minute. I poured the water from the potatoes and dropped them in a bowl and then added the onion mixture and stirred. Parsley and some green onion were added to the dish.

    I took a bite and was taken back by the big flavor of this recipe. It’s awesome! I great change from the mashed potatoes I had been used to eat. You would not know this version is good and healthy for you, could easily food a non-PD individual. However I would like to add the BTB to the dish to see how it changes the flavor. The liquid smoke did a fine a job enhancing the overall taste of the dish.

    My wife and son, the true testers enjoyed the taste and had some, so I know Julie has a hit with this dish. With me, ALL her dishes score big points. Can’t wait to add the bacon to give this dish another try. Thanks Julie!

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