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D’Amato’s Bakery and Deli at Grand & May on the near west side of Chicago made the best Italian subs topped with hot or mild giardiniera. It was a challenge to get one of these special sandwiches. The line ran out the door, cash only, no parking and with only a 30-minute lunch break it was a rare treat. The spicy giardiniera and fresh bread were what kept us all coming back. I gave my favorite antipasto relish an oil free maker over and kept it raw for an extra dose of protective Sulforaphane. I’m enjoying it more than ever without the fat, the rush or the parking tickets.

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  1. posted by veganinblack on May 3, 2017

    I just love this recipe. It reminds me of the mix you get at subway, with no oil or additives. Great to have in the fridge to top sandwiches and salads. Thanks to Julie for another great condiment!

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