Glazed Cinnamon Rolls Premium PD Recipe

Sugar-free and hard to believe soft and sticky cinnamon rolls are good for us. Your family might think they are asleep and still dreaming when they receive a cinnamon wake-up call and see you taking a dozen swirled buns out of the oven. This recipe includes prep ahead directions to make weekend mornings a pleasure with protective hot Glazed Cinnamon Rolls ready in just fifteen minutes.


  1. My hubby ate half of these and he has no interest in healthy food if he doesn’t like it. I would cut back just a smidge on the cinnamon next time. I might have had a stronger cinnamon? The dough was a little gooey in the middle and that reminded me of Cinnabon. I love them cold almost better than when they were fresh. I only had enough e-sugar for half the frosting and still enjoyed them. Making them again tonight because they are THAT good. Another winner!

  2. Just made these today, make sure to watch the video, fast forward till Julies making the recipe, and then cook right along with her, you will be glad you did. I peeled my sweet potato and steamed as my instant pot was busy. Used two medium sized and it worked out perfectly. The ooey gooey cinnamon filling is delicious. What oozed out of mine, I added to the top of a few.

  3. Such beautiful, soft dough. The salt in the filling makes it taste like there is butter in there. I made them in the evening and ate some more this morning cold–they were yummy that way too. I think these would also be great as cinnamon sticks. I’m going to try that next to get more of the delicious filling in every bite! Thank you, Julie!

  4. Well I couldn’t make it for co cooking so tried on my own. Didn’t get the rise even though waited 1 1/2 hours and thought all ingredients were at room temperature. Taste is great. A little gooey in the middle from applesauce so you might think they’re raw but per Julie’s instructions don’t bake longer than written. The icing is amazing. I’ll go back and try again to see if I could get them to rise more. Thanks Julie Marie!

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