Gluten Free Apple Oat Breakfast Muffins Free PD Recipe

These breakfast muffins are gluten free and a delicious alternative way to easily eat your oats. They freeze and defrost beautifully, making them a perfect bake ahead grab and go breakfast option. Eliminating sugar, eggs and oil out of your diet will result in outstanding physical side effects. Get started today for a healthier tomorrow with Protective Diet Apple Oat Breakfast Muffins.

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  1. So good and easy. My taste buds are refined so that a sugar free muffin tastes like a decadent little sweet cake. I ate 5 of them yesterday and put 4 in the freezer. My finicky pup Stoli ate some as a treat too. SO good, I will be making them again and again.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful recipe! These muffins are delicious…I even licked the spatula! I changed the recipe slightly…only used 1 t cinnamon, added 1/4 t nutmeg, and 1/2 t almond extract…will definitely make these again!

  3. These are wonderful. I made these when I first started PD, they didn’t turn out. Definitely it was me. I’m not much of a cook, but continue to improve since cooking PD recipes. My husband has been picking out recipes to try. I’m glad he choose this one. We both like this one. It also freezes well.

  4. I can’t believe I never made these before! They’re amazing! I used frozen/defrosted bananas and they worked perfectly. I also used silicone muffin liners and the muffins came right out. I’m going to make another batch to keep in the freezer!

  5. These are great! I made them for my fiance to take to work for breakfast. He doesn’t like anything too sweet, so he loves PD recipes with no sugar. These are filling and make a great breakfast on the run. I added a bit more apple because I had so many around from our CSA, it worked out fine.

  6. I absolutely LOVE these muffins!!! I ate one right out of the oven and didn’t love it, but once they were room temperature, they were AMAZING!!!! I also found that they didn’t stick to the muffin liners nearly as much at room temp as when they were hot out of the oven. I really didn’t have any trouble with them sticking to the liners at room temp! I also used whole wheat flour (for convenience), but next time I’ll try oat flour. My batch made a perfect dozen muffins. The only complaint I have is that I can’t seem to keep enough ripe bananas around!!!! 🙂 MAKE THESE NOW!!!! Warning: you might eat the whole batch.

  7. These are amazing! My husband asked if I could make huge batches of these every week. 🙂 As soon as my bananas brown, I’ll make the other muffins too. Most muffins are too sweet for me, but these are absolutely perfect. Thank you!!!

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