Greek Cutlets Premium PD Recipe

Baked or grilled for a sandwich, layered with Ultimate Plant-Based Mayo or sliced as a salad topper, these Cutlets are a game-changer. Cutlets are part of the growing evolution of Protective Diet’s innovative ability to create plant-based familiar favorites using low-fat oil-free whole food ingredients. Optimal health is easy to achieve and maintain when we have many familiar looking and tasting choices to please our family and friends. A Protective Diet is becoming more and more exciting with every passing week filled with new recipes and innovative cooking techniques to make healthy taste delicious.


  1. These are delish! Restaurant and better quality. I used the grill to cook my cutlets. I had the full bodied flavor that I remember enjoying when I used to eat meat. It was quite the delight. I eat these on a regular basis now. Great recipe Julie!

  2. OMG! What a great recipe! I never bought that press to make the BBQ cutlet you previously made so I was so glad to get such great results with this easier one. My family loved it and made me promise to make it again. Heading to Costco soon to stock up on Tofu. My empty spice jars are awaiting your new blends tomorrow! Thanks again for all you do.

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