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Green Bean Scramble – Plant-Based Ejotes con Huevo Premium PD Recipe

Ejotes con Huevo served with warm Corn Tortillas and creamy beans is a Mexican home-cooked tradition. Protective Diet is keeping global comfort food alive. We are bringing our plant-based plates together, creating modern history and sharing how we’ve evolved multi-cultural food favorites to bring health and vitality back to people during a global health crisis. Our community is normalizing healthy living by making it the practical, meaningful, comforting, life-saving new normal. On a Protective Diet, we are enjoying immune-supportive Mexican style plant-based brunches any time of day. Whether it’s a party for one or twenty-one, we are all connected, celebrating our knowledge and choice of optimal health and protection from disease with a Protective Diet. In the serving suggestions, I share what to make ahead to orchestrate a PD buffet when you have multiple plates to fill with varied preferences to please. My make-ahead tips and stovetop or pressure cooker methods, along with slow-cooker warmers, will make you look like an experienced caterer.

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