Grits & Greens Premium PD Recipe

Here’s a perfectly delicious way to incorporate protective greens into an energy packed breakfast. This warm bowl filled with satisfying Southern comfort tops my list of go-to meals any time of the day. Spicy or mild, this down home dish will have you jumping out of bed on a cold morning ready to whisk up a batch.


  1. Such a delicious recipe! Sometimes I can’t find Grits (a smooth texture) and I will sub in polenta instead. Either way, it’s filling and flavorful, and I love it with any and all of Julie’s hot sauce recipes. Perfect for when you want to feel full and warm on a cold day!

  2. Loved this. I didn’t grow up eating grits and was a little hesitant. Put them in my little rice cooker on the porridge cycle and took the dogs out for a morning walk. When I came back they were on the keep warm cycle. Stirred in some baby spinach, lots of baby spinach and was pleasantly surprised. If you think you don’t like nooch, go ahead and try it in this at half the suggested amount. It really adds to the flavor.

    I have mainly used the rice cooker for oatmeal. Fill it and ser the timer the night before. Now I may need to try my hand at brown rice congee in the morning.

  3. For 47 years I thought I didn’t like grits. All I knew what Flo from the TV show Alice would always say, “Kiss my grits!” Beyond that, it was a southern dish but never honestly knew what grits were. I was surprised to find out, thanks in part to Marci (veganinblack), I saw her images of the dish and bought some the next day when at the store. It’s corn! Similar to polenta. I followed the directions for this recipe and had the dish for breakfast few 3 days. The dish was outstanding. Warm and filling. I have a new found friend in grits! Thanks Marci for the suggestion and Julie for the recipe!

  4. I have to be honest, I’ve never really liked grits so when this recipe posted I thought “why not try”. It turned out to be more delicious than I had imagined. Thanks Julie!

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