Gyro Crumbles Premium PD Recipe

Plant-based Gyro Crumbles add bold flavor and hearty texture to Protective Diet’s Greek Nachos. Include these tender nuggets anywhere you’d like to add bold Greek Flavors. Perfect addition to PD Cruciferous Casserole, Mix and Mac, or top your Flatbread Pizza.


  1. Hi Julie:

    You have likely covered this before, but can you tell me if it is important to follow the recipe as designed? I am assuming there is a reason to do so, since your instructions are specific.

    Thank you very much.

    1. It is important to follow the instructions and steps to produce the proper texture. I edited your comment slightly as comments are public and I’d like to keep the recipe exclusive to members. I will be filming a video going over the differences of fresh vs frozen and why one is preferred over the other. This method offers a meaty desired texture.

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