Healthy Valley Ranch Premium PD Recipe

This slimmed-down, blender-free ranch is a quick-mix-low-cal-dairy-free-protective favorite. This is a perfect salad dressing or dip for nut-free, plant-based purists and buttermilk ranch aficionados. Grab your whisk and make one cup or a full quart of protective dressing in minutes. This dressing makes salads disappear and eliminates cancer fear. When soymilk is fermented into yogurt microbes multiply their protective genistein content. Genistein is a protective phytoestrogen found in soybeans that offers an antiangiogenic, cancer-starving effect. Plant estrogens block the ability for cancer cells to grow blood vessels needed to become problematic and life-threatening. We have scientific, epidemiologic, and clinical evidence supporting the role of an antiangiogenic diet for cancer prevention. Our most outstanding defense against cancer diagnosis and recurrence is prevention with an antiangiogenic diet and a healthy lifestyle. After experiencing brain cancer with the advantage of a pre-existing practice of an anti-inflammatory, antiangiogenic Protective Diet I suggest living and eating proactively to stay ahead of the cancer curve. Make every bite protective and delicious with Protective Diet Education.

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  1. So good! We used it to dip our pizza in 😀 We had been using the Buttermilk Ranch but I forgot to make it and the pizza was in the oven, then I realized HEALTHY VALLEY! It was ready before the pizza was.

  2. This is hands down the best ranch dressing…and literally is ready in 2 minutes! I loved that I could mix it right up in the quart jar so the only thing I dirtied was a silicone spatula…doesn’t get any easier that this!

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