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Scientists have isolated the plant hormone IAA and enzyme HPR found in horseradish that regresses cancer. They will spend years creating a pharmaceutical version with a safe way to deliver it directly to human tumor cells. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the natural protection at the root level! It’s delivered on a potato, in a sandwich, or on a cracker, along with cruciferous protection straight to all of my cells in the form of delicious Horsey Sauce. This is a cellular-protective plant-based sugar-free remake of a popular condiment from Arby’s. We appreciate all of its protective qualities, but the versatility and exciting flavor of this sauce are what makes maintaining optimal health with a Protective Diet exciting, easy, fun, and sustainable.

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  1. posted by Diane Wessel on February 9, 2021

    This sauce is so creamy and so delicious! We put it on a variety of things, from our green beans, to our potato salad. Love it with pretzels!!

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