Hotdog Buns Premium PD Recipe

These additive and oil free soft hot dog buns have the texture of store-bought buns with the nutrition of whole grains, and come complete with a technique video to guide you through easy assembly. Enjoy them with Protective Diet Hot Diggity Dogs or fill them with one of the many sandwich suggestions.


  1. I made these buns to make Hot Diggity Dogs…I wasn’t 100% successful but it was close which is exceptional for a first try. I think I need to hone my bread skills as this seems to be my weakness in cooking. Other than that, the buns were tasty, the texture is good….I am just horrible with making uniform rolls…hahahaha!!! Thanks again for another great recipe 🙂

  2. Thanks for this wonderful recipe! Julie Marie was 100% right in the video! They are VERY forgiving! I cringed at how they looked going in, and pleased with how they turned out. They smell fantastic, and have the perfect combination of a bit of a crusty outside and super soft inside. So easy to make! Do yourself a favor and make this super easy, wonderfully satisfying bun!!!

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