House Dressing Free PD Recipe

This bright and tangy citrus salad dressing is a house favorite. The fiber of blended oranges replaces the full-bodied texture of oils.

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  1. Wow! Super yummy! I was afraid to try this because I thought it would come out too thin, but it didn’t. It was perfect dressing consistency and really tasty. This will be my new go-to.

  2. Just tried the House Dressing and it is delicious and SO easy to make…and this comes from someone who doesn’t like to cook. I was surprised how thick it turned out, especially since it does not contain any chia seeds, tofu or other thickener. Pour on to your heart’s content!

  3. First salad dressing I have tried and I love it. The best part is my 4 year old begged me to make more a.s.a.p. and she hasn’t liked salad before… and this was a bitter salad. So it was pretty exciting.