House Mayo Free PD Recipe

Replace the fatty oil-filled mayo you’ve been using with this creamy guilt free nutrient dense version. Layer it on a Faux BLT, mix it into Faux Tuna Salad or spoon it on a Protective Diet veggie burger. This easy blend mayo recipe will make your sandwiches complete on a Protective Diet.

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  1. I made this at the beginning of detox a few months ago and hated. it. Made it today and loved it. If you don’t like it, come back later. Your taste buds will adjust and you will appreciate this mayo better than the oily kind. No guilt! Slather away!

    1. Hi Carol, Always follow the recipe. Do not press the tofu for this recipe. If a PD recipe requires you to press the tofu it will clearly state to press it. I will never leave you guessing 🙂

  2. I tried this recipe today for one of my favorite tastes of summer – fresh garden-ripe tomato sandwich, but gotta say I was pretty disappointed. I didn’t use Nasoya brand tofu and am wondering if that really would make much difference. It really didn’t get as creamy as the picture looks, but it wasn’t so much the texture as the flavor. I may try it with lemon juice instead of vinegar and dijon instead of spicy brown mustard.

  3. I loved this mayo recipe. This mayo was a lot less expensive than vegan or non-vegan mayo at the store. My tofu is about $1 at my local Asian grocery store, and the spices were really cheap too. I didn’t have any regular mustard, but I did have some mustard powder (ground up mustard seed) and threw some of that in. It was delicious. I cannot wait to try this as coleslaw, in “tuna” salad, and I’ll mix it with the Killer Ketchup and make Utah’s famous FRY SAUCE!!! Jane Saavedra

  4. Think I have to agree with those comments before me. What a great tasting mayo! A day after I made it there was nearly no tofu after taste, which seems to be difficult to achieve. This was by far the best mayo I have made to date! I can’t wait to use this as a base for other sauces. It was good right after I blended it, but it was much better after it settled and chilled. Would love to add some pickle relish to make tartar sauce.

  5. I didn’t have spicy brown mustard so I used my dijon (which had all whole ingredients!), and I cut the vinegar down to 1Tbsp because I don’t like super tangy.

    I LOVE mayo, it’s a huge trigger food for me. I am so excited about using this, because I can eat it whenever I want!

    If you like a bit of ‘eggy’ flavor in your mayo (hey, it’s made with eggs!) you can use a pinch or black salt too!

    OH, and when I want ranch dressing in a hurry and don’t have any made, I plop a huge scoop of this mayo into a jar, add some soy milk to thin it and drop in some all purpose seasoning and parsley, then shake it! Kinda like instant ranch!

  6. Wow, this stuff is amazing! I’ve made a few other homemade vegan mayo recipes but this one is, by far, my favorite. I didn’t have extra firm tofu, just firm but it turned out great. Also, I wasn’t sure what size tofu container you were referring to. I was guessing yours was probably 16 oz. My tofu happens to come in a 19 oz. box but I don’t think that’s standard. Anyway, yum!! This was absolutely delicious.

  7. To those who are concerned about soy products, PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) has an excellent article on it. The gist of the article is that it is the isolated soy products that can cause problems, not the whole soy products like tofu and tempeh. I think of isolated soy protein the same way I think of white bread or white sugar; it is a refined product that uses only a part of the plant, and therefore is not a whole food. make sense?

  8. What is your take on soy, tofu, etc. I used to believe that organic non GMO soy products were healthy. Now hearing that soy is something that a lot of people should avoid due to the estrogen overload, inflammation, etc, among other things. So many differing theories.

    1. A new report in the July edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that women previously diagnosed with breast cancer have less risk of cancer recurrence if they consume soy products. The report combined the results of prior studies, including a total of 9,514 women. Those who consumed the most soy products were 25 percent less likely to have their cancer return, compared with those who tended to avoid soy products.

      Some women avoid soy products after a cancer diagnosis. The study and several previous studies show that soy products are actually protective.

      Source: 6-26-2012

  9. A question about the tofu used. Is that extra firm silken tofu or just regular extra firm tofu? They have substantially different textures and I don’t want to be disappointed because I read the recipe wrong! Thanks.

    1. The vinegar will help to preserve it. I have had it last 10 days, It usually never lasts more than a week because I use it for other recipes like Mercury free “Tuna” Salad, Crabby Cakes or Creamy Lemon and herb dipping sauce. Always give it a good sniff and when in doubt throw it out.

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