Indian Nachos Premium PD Recipe

Indian night leftovers layered on baked chips create an exciting party platter. This fun to eat combo includes incredibly protective and flavorful oil-free plant-based Dahl, tangy Chutney, and Plant-Based Yogurt, decorated with unexpected complimentary toppings. Repeat requests for this party twist on health food have been made, and I’m thrilled to serve platter after platter of Indian Nachos to maintain a level health Jerry and I never dreamed we could accomplish with our food choices while offering protection to animals and our planet.


  1. Ever eat something so good you have cried tears of joy? Protective Diet does it again with Indian Nachos. Guilt free, vegan, oil free, sugar free, nut free, food additive free, and gluten free. This dish left me speechless. The dahl works like beans and the ruby red kraut works like Indian pickles, so fresh and crunchy. As much as I love mango chutney, i’ll have that next time, I adore the tamarind chutney. Baked chips topped with tomatoes, green onions and a drizzle of homemade yogurt. I got 3 feasts from one batch of dahl. I 1st made them as tostadas and I am not sure why but it tastes better in nacho form. Can’t wait to have this again. Indian spices are top of my list.

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