Instant Pot Banana Split Oat Bowl Premium PD Recipe

Jerry has a favorite new Instant Pot cooking method for his daily steel-cut oats which I have enhanced with anti-inflammatory microbe fuel and my favorite old-fashioned ice cream flavors. With two spoons, we share this J & J sugar-free, high-fiber oat bowl collaboration as a feast finishing hot dessert packed with protective polyphenols and fiber. The recipe notes reinforce why we include protective peels, resistant starch, and polyphenols. Oats and banana peels are high in resistant starch and insoluble fiber. They pass through the upper digestive system intact and nourish the plant-fiber-dependant protective microbes living in our lower intestines. These resident microbes ferment and digest plant fiber producing a short-chain fatty acid and epithelium-tightening byproduct of plant fiber called butyrate. I’ve nicknamed this anti-inflammatory, disease-preventive, healing wash that floods your entire body and brain “the butyrate bath.” As we dig in with fun little dessert spoons I remind Jerry how protective this antiangiogenic, pro-epithelium banana split bowl is. We enjoy every bite of this hot bowl of delicious plant fiber and squeal with delight about all the benefits of PD Living and our resident protective microbial community. These “friends” maintain and protect our health when we collect, treat, and feed them properly. Regroup with Jerry and I every Saturday morning and Tuesday evening for community support in living holistically with Protective Diet and The Microbiome Population Project.

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