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Instant Tomato Cream Sauce Premium PD Recipe

My favorite five-minute pink sauce to toss with pasta, sauce up a pizza, or scoop up with hot bread. One of my first oil-free plant-based recipes was Tomato Cream Sauce. Jerry and I called it my one-hit-wonder, thinking it was so good I’d never top it. Here I am, 666 beloved recipes later and I believe this quickie recipe tops the charts. With 12 years of daily recipe development experience, I have perfected oil-free cooking techniques and discovered new functional ingredients that outperform the originals. Family-friendly quick-prep recipes make daily dietary diligence effortless on a Protective Diet. While perfecting my handmade pasta skills I created this perfect pantry-handy sauce. Instant Tomato Cream Sauce quickly became a thing in my Workplace for Wellness. When I took a break from making pasta dough, we continued to enjoy this sauce on salad night as a dip with Bread Maker Whole Wheat Bread. I tossed it with a pound of Pressure Cooked Pasta on busy days. Our Flatbread Pizza has even received a saucy update. Please share how you enjoyed Instant Tomato Cream Sauce in the comments below.

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