Instant Tomato Paste Premium PD Recipe

Stocking up cost-effective, additive-free, high-quality organic ingredients is what makes cooking and eating a Protective Diet easy and rewarding. Most tomato paste producers have added craving-inducing additives to their once-upon-a-time perfect single-ingredient product. So I created this cost-cutting, simple, space-saving solution for the Protective Diet Community. Whether a recipe calls for a tablespoon, a quarter cup, or a 6 ounce can, I’ve completed the calculations to prepare you with perfect measurements to add protective lycopene and rich tomato flavor. Every passing year the food industry adds a chemical ingredient into one of our perfect single ingredient pantry staples. These preservative-packed products are frustrating, but they drive me to evolve our workplace for wellness practices. With this change, we free up pantry space, cut costs, reduce package waste and improve food quality, protecting humans, animals, and our planet. To learn more about food additives and how to spot them watch PD-Ed Lesson #82 Mastering Label Reading and Understanding Food Additives.

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  1. The hunt for additive free tomato paste is over! This ‘only make exactly what you need’ tomato paste recipe not only saves you the hassle of hunting for the ever elusive additive free brands, and storing the remaining paste from an opened can, but it also tastes delicious! AND the measurement chart provided makes it super easy to use!

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