Instant Tomato Soup Premium PD Recipe

This pantry-handy, sugar-free remake evokes memories of mom and only me lunches; back to the days of morning kindergarten when my big brother and sisters were busy at school. We took the easy can of soup off the shelf. My mother started with the intention of a simple canned soup lunch, but it never served up that way. She added some tiny pasta, or rice to it, or whipped up cheesy quesadillas with all the fresh toppings. This recipe is simple and complete with easy to elaborate plant-based protective pairings in the Serving Suggestions. Add this quickie recipe to your fast five, pantry-handy recipes for a hot, healthy, hug in a bowl when you need a protective warm-up this winter.


  1. I LOVE how simple and easy this soup is to prepare! And SOOOOOOOOOOO Yummy! This is a definite go to when I need a side or in a hurry~ “Thank You” Julie…… you are truly gifted~

  2. This soup is as easy to make as it is delicious. I prepared it with soy milk and served it with pasta for a very satisfying dinner. Julie really captured the fond childhood memories of Campbell’s tomato soup with this grown-up worthy update. This is a definite fast five recipe!

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