Japanese Mayo Premium PD Recipe

Commonly sold in travel sized bottles and frequently carried in hand as often as a cell phone in Japan. The most popular brands of this rich and slightly sweet condiment are enhanced with monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer that makes everything taste better. In Japan it is used to top cooked vegetables, but can be used layered on sandwiches, burgers or tossed into salads. In North America it is served with sushi rolls and spiced with sriracha or rooster sauce. This low-cal, vegan, oil-free, egg-free and MSG-free version of Japanese mayo is creamy and spicy, making just about everything you squeeze it on a lot more exciting.


  1. Is there anything that wouldn’t taste better with this on it! This recipe turned out very tasty. I made a half batch and then went all in. I’ll have no problem finishing this off with broccoli, as mayo, as a salad dressing for cabbage, etc.

  2. Fantastic!!!! I’m eating it on everything!!! Next time I make it, I’ll use ½ the erythritol because I’m not partial to sweets, but that’s just a matter of taste. As a fire-eater, I used 4 chiles de arbol, and it has a great back-kick to it without being considered hot on my scale. This will definitely be a staple condiment in our house! Great taste and consistency; perfect for sandwiches, in salads, to top anything and everything, or simply on Woven Wheat crackers for a snack. Thanks for another winner!!!

    1. Dear Fire-Eater, I love that nickname and recipe taste adjustment. I love spicy hot with a sweet mayo like the Whipped Miracle. That’s why we have so many mayo recipes. Speaking of Mayo, have you tried the patatas-bravas recipe yet? I have a feeling you will LOVE it! It’s a great recipe to bring to a party, assemble on a platter when you arrive and serve at room temperature. Always a hit with everyone. Had to offer a recipe try suggestion to a fellow Fire-Eater! https://protectivediet.com/recipe/patatas-bravas

  3. I have never tried a tofu mayo recipe I actually liked before this so I almost didn’t make this. I was eating it with a spoon out of the container. Now I’m going to try the chipotle mayo, too. It’s great as a dip, great for a rice bowl topping and I ate it on Mexican food, too.

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