Julie’s Baby Jack Ribs Premium PD Recipe

Julie’s Baby Jack Ribs with sugar-free Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce, complete with cinnamon bones, are a gluten-free easy-prep recipe promoting finger licking vegan fun in your kitchen. Slow roast on the grill, or enjoy oven-baked ribs in the winter months, filling your home with the mouthwatering smell of BBQ all year round. A top rated “I can’t believe this is healthy” Super Bowl halftime snack or a perfect handheld starter at your garden party. Delicious hot off the grill, straight out of the oven, room temperature, or cold on a picnic, this is what Protective Diet is all about. Cruelty-free comfort food offering protection and optimal health with every delicious bite.


  1. Hi all!! So, this is crazy! Julie Marie Christensen your ribzzzzz are a hit!! They were so easy to make and Hubby even said they were pretty good for not being meat!! Great job Julie!! Your hard work is much appreciated. I took your advise and did order a case of jackfruit. We had potato salad with this that was terrific also.

  2. Unbelievably good! I’ve never eaten a real rib, so I have nothing to compare the flavor or texture to, but these are soooo delicious. Way better than the frozen riblets I used to buy in the store that are so filled with unhealty ingredients. This recipe is so simple to follow if you watch Julie Marie’s video while you make them. Plus the cinnamon sticks as bones make the “meat” taste awesome! It’s a little tricky finding clean young baby jack fruit- once you find your source ask them to order a case for you!

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