Plant-Based Kimchi Premium PD Recipe

If quick-prep protective meals seasoned with spicy chiles, ginger, and garlic are your jam, preparing kimchi will become part of your PD groove. I’ll show you how to make traditional Korean kimchi preparation easy, fun, and healthy. Our goal is to season and preserve the freshness of napa cabbage by slowing fermentation with refrigeration. Kimchi is delicious fresh the evening it is prepared and can be enjoyed week after week as the tanginess develops, long after the cabbage harvest. With my direction, you will learn how to create spectacular fast and easy kimchi-seasoned meals. In the recipe serving suggestions, I’ll direct you to make magnificent meals starring this protective condiment. When I have kimchi ready and waiting in my fridge, tossed Pro Bowls become exciting, and kimchi pasta is on my plate this week, with a spicy Kimchi Pizza party on the schedule for next week.


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