King Sauce Premium PD Recipe

This is the KING of all Protective Diet sauces. It is loaded with smoky, roasted flavor and just enough heat to use as a sauce for noodles, to top a rice bowl, layer in a Green Burrito, or squeeze on Home Fries. In the weeks after its creation, I found myself starting with the sauce and choosing ingredients to put it on to create simple, but deliciously flavored meals.


  1. This stuff is awesome! I just LOVE it. Sometimes I add smoked paprika and chipotle powder to get a smoky flavor. It helps with my previous Chipotle Cholula addiction. I like to use half ACV and half white vinegar and I prefer it that way. Thanks for yet ANOTHER great recipe, Julie!

  2. I made this for the first time and I love it!! It is absolutely tasty. However, mine is so thick I can hardly squeeze it out of the bottle, I cut the tip off to make it bigger. I noticed a pic of Jerry pouring his into a bottle. Do I add water? I followed the directions and I have a Blendtec!

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