Lady Fingers Premium PD Recipe

Battered and baked into irresistible finger-friendly party food, it’s what I serve to improve my friends’ and family’s wellbeing without anyone noticing they are eating okra. Most who turn their noses up at okra are unfamiliar with its versatility and health benefits and likely haven’t tried it because their influential parents didn’t care for it. If you’re opposed to okra, allow me the opportunity to introduce it to you with this delicious and fun recipe. It looks deep-fried, and when enjoyed with a dip or sauce, a pound of okra will fly off the plate. If you don’t tell anyone it’s okra, they will not be opposed to diving in. There are several compelling reasons I am eating and encouraging everyone to enjoy okra. Okra, green, red, raw or cooked, is rich in polyphenols and contains a protein called lectin, which is being studied with great success for its role in cancer prevention and treatment. Okra added to a Protective Diet can reduce your risk of serious diseases, prevent inflammation, and improve overall health. Most notably, its polyphenol content contributes to heart and brain health. The seeds inside okra are being studied to treat fatigue after studies confirmed a significant endurance and energy increase. Okra assists in digestion and is shown to carry away toxins and lower LDL cholesterol, making it a digestive detoxifier and cardio-protective food. It is anti-aging due to its high vitamin C and A content, offering protection from cataracts and keeping skin youthful. I hope to improve okra’s undesirable reputation with this innovative and fun recipe and protective science that has Jerry and me eating it up.


  1. I love the okra Lady Fingers. I had been hearing about how good okra is for us and of course the slimy part is the best part but southern fried okra is probably not what they had in mind (I think Dr. Greger). So this recipe makes it so easy to eat my okra!

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