Lazy Lady One Pot Pasta Free PD Recipe

This easy throw together one pot meal is perfect for a weeknight dinner. It uses all pantry staples with the option to add fresh ingredients. You can switch out the fresh veggie ingredients and change it up based on what you have on hand.

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  1. Super easy recipe. While its cooking throw your salad together and you have a satisfying meal. There is just the two of us, so we cut the recipe in half, but definitely add the pepper flakes, it gives it some zing, If you arent a fan of pepper flakes, at least add a few, you’ll be glad you did.

    1. Hi Chen, Most pasta when reheated becomes overcooked. I would imagine with the method used for cooking this pasta it would be slightly over cooked to begin with so leftovers will have a softer texture.

  2. I made Lazy Lady One Pot Pasta last night for our dinner. I think that this has to be one of the most easiest dinner meals I have made so far! Everything goes into one pot and I only had to chop the onion and I chose to add some spinach so I chopped that up too. It was very good. Not so much a recipe to dazzle your friends with but a good everyday type of meal for the family. This will surely be an often go to meal when I need something quick, easy and yummy!

  3. Every time I see the picture of this recipe, my mouth just drools. I really have never enjoyed whole wheat spaghetti but for some reason it tasted so good in this recipe. I have always loved the SAD recipe for spaghetti and meat sauce and now that I eat wfpb I found the recipe to take its place. I could not believe how easy this was to put together. I have made it several times and everyone just loves it. And, so healthy. I have made it with different things–squash or sweet potatoes and beans. Very, very good.

  4. Would it be bad to eat this every night!?! I loved it. Next time I will have to cut down on the red pepper flakes, a bit too spicy for me, and I had my veggies on the side. Was looking forward to having the leftovers tonight, however my daughter has informed me she wants the baked potato wedges, another favorite. Guess it will have to wait until breakfast!

  5. What an easy, versatile meal! I added broccoli, baby spinach, and white beans. I also used the red pepper flakes. I ended up pouring some No Fat Not-Yo Cheeze Sauce over it, and it was SO good!

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