Lucky Dog Food Free PD Recipe


Homemade dog food is a serious commitment to begin, but it can provide your four-legged bestie with a great health advantage. This recipe was formulated using whole food plant-based ingredients, carefully selected to provide my dog Lucky with the ideal diet to live a high-energy active lifestyle while offering protection to all animals and our planet.

Lucky Dog
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Comments (59)

  1. posted by Julie Marie on November 30, 2019

    We have tested a few changes to Lucky’s food over the past year. We switched to white rice to slow digestion and improve nutrition absorption. Using white rice, we can cook the batch on the rice setting (low pressure), eliminating any auto shut off challenges due to burning. I also cook the sweet potatoes first, alone in the pressure cooker, remove and mash them into the cooked batch with the greens, parsley, nutritional yeast, and flax. We had some calcium challenges initially but now have this electrolyte correctly measured to the amount of food instead of to the weight of the dog. Please see the recipe to measure it using the guide. All dog foods supplement calcium. Calcium deficiency can cause tremors and lethargy. Too much calcium can cause bloody loose stool. Lucky prefers the texture of frozen and defrosted meals. Freezing eliminates the stickiness.

  2. posted by Eve SM on November 8, 2019

    Hello Julie,
    Is there a way to not use a pressure cooker? I don’t have one, and frankly, I need to invest a lot of money in my dog’s treatment, so I’d like to minimize my expenses.
    Thank you

    • posted by Julie Marie on November 29, 2019

      You can make each ingredient separately, but this will take you all day with clean up. I designed this for the pressure cooker to cut down on time and effort.

  3. posted by barbara paape on May 9, 2018

    My dogs were kenneled for 10 days. I tried to make it as easy for the staff as I could. I walked in wth 20 8 oz deli style containers of frozen food and one thawed for that night. All they needed was to remember to thaw it and split one container between 2 small dogs twice a day. Dogs came home looking great. I’m not sure how to handle the calcium supplement now that I have it for next time. Fortunately it is a very high service facility and i’m quite sure I am not their most persnickety client.

    • posted by Julie Marie on May 20, 2019

      When staying at the kennel, I would wrap the meals and add the supplement to each one before freezing.

  4. posted by Sherrill Sittre on January 11, 2018

    I made the revised version of LDF hoping Roxy would eat it but turned her nose up and walked away. I am going to try and be strong and make her finish off the whole batch. Before giving up. Ugh, wish me luck to be strong and that she starts liking it.

  5. posted by Lisa Meeske on November 12, 2017

    I have to say thank you so much for this recipe. My little Mixie was so ill. He was in the hospital for 3 days and almost didn’t make it. We didn’t know what was wrong. Still don’t. I just picked him up because he collapsed and needed us. He is 13 1/2. He has hip dysplasia so it is difficult for him to get around. I have carried him a lot. He also has chronic ear infections. He is a Brussels Griffon. He weighed 14 pounds. His normal weight is 19-20 pounds. He was eating chicken with Quionoa and zucchini, if he would eat at all. I made my hubby watch What the Health. He was so angry. He stopped eating meat and said we have to change Mixie’s diet. We are killing him. I made a batch of Lucky Dog Food the next day. This was in August. He is SO much better now. He has gained weight to a healthy weight. He is able to walk easier. The vet and his staff are so amazed at how well he is doing. They want to be on his diet. They said it sounds so good. They also said they were so worried about him. I was too. I brought him home from the hospital thinking he was on his last days, and I wanted him to be comfortable at home surrounded by his family who loves him. Lots of prayers and Lucky dog food later, he is doing so well. He has a skip to his step. He likes his food. He can walk longer. He hasn’t had diarrhea, nor stinky gas since he has been on this food. He used to have chronic diarrhea. I mean, chronic! Thank you, Lucky, for finding Julie and Jerry so other furbabies can be healthier and happier! XOXOX

  6. posted by Julie Marie on May 24, 2017

    Lucky had his annual check-up with a new veterinarian tonight. Dr. John was impressed with his muscular development, fitness, clear eyes and over all perfect health. He was very excited about the diet and lifestyle Jerry and I have given Lucky. PD4Life
    I’m so thrilled to have “official” positive feed back from two veterinarians about the benefits of Lucky eating a full time Protective Diet for 13 months. The positive testimonials of dogs in our PD community should be confirmation enough, but this is icing on our PD Cake. Even when going against the grain feels right and science backs it up it is stressful when people challenge what your doing. The stress was gone after I saw his health emerge and strong muscular development. My confidence is at an all time high and I know LDF is the highest quality food we can feed our best friend Lucky. Blazing trails takes confidence. I’m thrilled I went with what felt right even when a few unknowing and scared friends told me it was wrong to feed him this way.

    • posted by Sherrill Sittre on June 11, 2017

      That is so great Julie! So happy for you guys. You are so fortunate to have vets that back you. Not so much here. Mine still says it is a shunt thing and wants to do surgery on Roxy even after I told him she had not had a seizure since she became vegan.
      This is what’s going on now. Roxy had been seizure free for several months after going on Lucky Dog Food but started refusing to eat and would go for days eating a very small amount and getting thin to the point of worry. i started adding v- dog kibble which is way to expensive to her food only about 9 little kibble and she gobbled her food but then quit eating again but I know she is hungry because she follows husband around wagging her tail begging for his food. So then I decided would try to transition back to regular kibble and so would add some of that with Lucky Dog Food and she gobbled that down. Now she started having seizures again. That pretty much tells me it is the kibble that is causing seizures. Just not sure how to get her to eat it without going days and getting so thin.

      • posted by Joleyne Lamb on September 11, 2017

        Maybe you can put some kind of flavoring on her food? 🙂 I’m not really sure if there are any natural flavorings that would entice a dog? But I know some people mix in dog treats at the bottom of their dogs food!
        I’m vegan, so I hate recommending this, but maybe you can try and collect the juices from your husband’s meat and pour them on top or mix the juice into her food right before you feed her. Just make sure it’s fresh juice/blood (YUCK), not like week-old stuff in case it goes bad…

  7. posted by Sherrill Sittre on April 23, 2017

    My little dog has been strictly on LDF for a few months now. Other than periodically won’t eat her food seems to have done well. She recently started having a bad odor, scratching and licking feet constantly. I am thinking she might have developed yeast overload but not sure as have not taken to vet yet. Just curious if anyone else has had this?

    • posted by Sherrill Sittre on April 24, 2017

      I took my little dog to vet today and he did not test her for yeast but did not feel she had it. He thought the smell was ok but for someone that is around her all the time I know it is a different odor.
      She also has only eaten just a couple of meals this weeken and refused to eat today but when husband came home from work to cook his steak she followed him around like she was starving. He did not give her any of course. Usually when she gets hungry enough she would eat her LDF but this time she is not going for it. She is just laying around all day like depressed until husband comes home to cook steak. She is getting very thin and am afraid I am going to have to change from LDF. This is very upsetting as the reason I put her on LDF is she was having seizures every 19 days and we are now 50 days out. So afraid she will go back to having seizures. Has anyone been able to get them to start eating LDF once stopped?

      • posted by Julie Marie on April 24, 2017

        Sherrill, I would make a fresh batch. The only time Lucky turned his nose up to Lucky Dog Food was when it was bad. It is preservative free and we store it frozen now unless it will be used within two days. Reduce the amount of spirulina and maybe reduce the nutritional yeast if she is smelling different. All of us give off an essence of what we eat. A change in his food would make him smell differently to you. I use less than the recipe amount of spirulina to eliminate the smell of the sea on Lucky’s breath. It is great to hear your dog is seizure free! Make a fresh batch and store it frozen to keep it from spoiling. This is more than likely the reason for lack of interest. Let me know if this was the issue. Lucky also enjoys the texture of the food after it has been frozen and defrosted. It isn’t as sticky. Wishing you and your pup the best!

        • posted by Sherrill Sittre on April 27, 2017

          Thanks so much Julie! She has been eating better again the last couple of days. I will try what you suggested and see how it goes. Sometimes I feel like we are on a little roller coaster but she has done so well on LDF I want to give it every chance I can.

          • posted by Sherrill Sittre on May 15, 2017

            Julie, Also here smell is better after cutting back Spiralina and Nutritional Yeast. Wondering if it was one of them and if so which one could of made her smell.

          • posted by Sherrill Sittre on May 13, 2017

            Julie, I tried what you suggested and cut nutritional yeast and Spiralina in half. She won’t eat so I sprinkled nutritional yeast on top and stirred up and she ate about a third and that was it. We just so happen to be canping this weekend and she has only eaten about 1/2 cup since yesterday. She is so hungry but refuses to eat it. I am just not sure what to do at this point. This is a fresh batch of LDF and I know you had suggested wrapping and freezing same day once cooled. I have always actually done that. At a loss as to what else I can do to keep her on LDF. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

          • posted by Julie Marie on May 22, 2017

            I have noticed Lucky isn’t eagerly eating all of his lunch. After talking to several people with puppy to dog experience they said he wasn’t hungry. I didn’t realize that after puppies are finished growing they do not require as much caloric energy and food consumption decreases. I am not an expert about dogs but learning with Lucky that when he is hungry in the morning or after lots of running he is very excited to eat. Last week he was injured due to an accident playing and spent the day in bed. That day he didn’t eat at all. The next morning when he was feeling better he ate his food very eagerly. Seems that dogs are way more in tune with their needs than humans and only eat when they need caloric energy. I hope this helps.

          • posted by Julie Marie on April 27, 2017

            Thank you for writing back with an update. You two were on my mind. We have been wrapping and freezing Lucky’s meals the day we make them to insure they do not go bad. This has him running up to his bowl at meal time. When a dog isn’t feeling well they typically do not eat. I hope this is a sign she is improving.

  8. posted by brendita1 on March 25, 2017

    Hello I am definitely gonna try this for my dog Snickers. She has low energy and vomiting alot. I take her to the vet and they tell me to change her food and for now just rice. This has been going on for months. I was looking online I didn’t know dogs can have greens. I was advised not to give my dog broccoli . Is it okay for them to have broccoli? I can’t wait to try this recipe! I will let you know in a few weeks how she is doing. I love my little fur baby and hate seeing her vomit or very sluggish. I hope this helps 🙂

  9. posted by dimeska on March 21, 2017

    Hi Julie, I have a german shepard and a silky that are already on a vegan diet that I prepare but am not sure of how much to feed them. How do I do I work that out please? Although I am feeding them home cooked food I am worried that they aren’t getting the right nutrition so I am so looking forward to preparing this food for them. I do have a question though, do we really need to cook the parsley and other greens plus the chia seeds? Don’t they loose some of their nutritional value when cooked? Thanks for your contribution

    • posted by Julie Marie on March 21, 2017

      I recommend cooking the chia and parsley. In the notes I share how much I feed my active one year old 57 pound dog Lucky. I suggest reading through the notes and comments under the recipe. Every dog has a different caloric need based on activity level and size.

  10. posted by Aunt Ruthie on January 29, 2017

    I have had my Sasha on LDF for 2 weeks. I was skeptical but figured I had to try something. Sasha has been having bloody stools for about 2 years. Our options were give her medication with every meal or have a colonoscopy. This would require 4 days of fasting and bowel prep. We opted to go with the medication, and it helped a little bit. She hates the taste and often refuses to eat and she still gets bloody stools even when getting good doses of the medication. About 2 weeks ago I started her on LDF. She has not had any bloody stools since. I almost can’t believe it. It seems to good to be true. i was going to gradually taper her medication but it was inadvertently just stopped, with no side effects. She is so much happier now and I hope she can lose some weight too. I could not be more pleased. She loves the taste too.

    • posted by Sherrill Sittre on January 30, 2017

      That is great! I have noticed other then when my little dog has her seizures she feels better and more energy I
      I love how excited she is to eat her food. Best health to your little one. Excited to actually see someone post on the actual LDF recipe.

  11. posted by Sherrill Sittre on January 29, 2017

    I have had my little dog on LDF for two weeks now hoping to see some change in her seizures but this morning had four in two hours. Not giving up on her LDF though cause she loves it so much . She is four years old and I realize it took her those four years to get her to start having seizures so hopefully in time LDF will turn her health around.

  12. posted by Sherrill Sittre on January 12, 2017

    Today is the first day feeding my little 12 lb dog LDF and was so excited to see her enjoy it so much this morning. She is 4 years old and started having seizures approx. 3 weeks or so ago and had another 4 seizures two days ago. Vet said not sure why but X-ray showed a very small liver so might have something to do with it. I decided to try LDF. I divided into 1/3 c measurements and was going to give to her 3x per day but when I gave her 2nd one today she only ate half. So maybe will start 2x per day. Wondering what everyone does if dog does not eat right away? Put back in frig or throw away after so long?if leave out, how long would you think would be good?

  13. posted by shannon rodeback on January 11, 2017

    will you ever make a recipe for cat food?

    • posted by Dorothy on February 18, 2017

      I’m guessing probably not. Cats must have meat in their diet. Julie is a vegan plus…;-)

  14. posted by Emma on January 10, 2017

    Can it be made in a slow cooker if I proportion the ingredients to fit? Also how much I wonder for a 8kg Maltese Shih-Tzu would you recommend? I’m thinking a cup per day?

    • posted by Julie Marie on June 3, 2017

      The water ratios would be much higher if made in a slow cooker. The caloric value of this food is broken down in the notes and comments section. I am not sure how much caloric energy your dog would need. Do you know the calories of the food you currently feed your dog?

  15. posted by Sherrill Sittre on January 10, 2017

    I awanted to make LDF today and ordered Spiralina but won’t get here for two days. The smaller bottles at store read differently then the large bottle as far as ingredients Anyone else experience that?

  16. posted by barbara paape on November 23, 2016

    My dogs love their new food! Needed to make a new batch and didn’t have the fresh ingredients. I refuse to go into a grocery store on Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving, so I subbed a few white potatoes and carrots for the sweet potatoes, a bag of frozen spinach, frozen green beans, and a few leftover frozen collards. Worked great. The dogs no longer try to eat the surrounding landscaping plants on our walks. My first experience with PD people food will be at our family celebration on Saturday. Wish me luck! I’m taking cornbread dressing, gravy, and thanksgiving loaf!

  17. posted by Mary Ellen Ruane on October 19, 2016

    I was feeding my lab vegan dog food from a commercial vendor for a couple of years. She was getting fatty tumors on her sides and over all she was getting very sick. My dog is Guinness and she is 12 years old, she tore the legament off of her knee. The surgery is very expensive, the vet put her on anti inflammatory medicine, it only seemed to help a little bit. Then I saw your post about lucky dog food and asked my sisters Lorraine Fogarty and Catherine Ruff about the PD diet. As you know they are huge supporters of the PD diet. My sister Catherine came to my house with her instant pot at the beginning of September so I could make Guinness her food,within in a week my family and I saw a big difference in her attitude. Flash forward to last week 10-15-16 I took Guinness her to get her nails trimmed. The vet noticed Guinness walking around with no problem (she was limbing for a long time before I put her on Lucky dog food.). She asked me what did I change in her diet and was I still giving her the medicine for her knee. I told her that I totally forgot to give Guinness her medicine and told her about your lucky
    dog food.

    She was so impressed with how Guinness looks, her tumors used to be huge now you can barely feel them and how she’s acting like a puppy, mostly how she is not limbing at all. The vet asked for the recipe to give to her clients.

    The only down side is that Guinness lost 20 pounds (she was 84 pounds) since September 1, I was giving her 1 1/2 cups twice a day, the vet said to give her 2 cups twice a day. We also give Guinness apples, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and other fruit and veggies to round off her day.

    Thank you Julie for saving my dogs life Guinness will always be on Lucky Dog Food.

    • posted by Julie Marie on October 20, 2016

      Mary Ellen, HOW WONDERFUL!!! Could you copy and paste this testimonial and submit it to the testimonials submission along with a photo of Guinness. Testimonials shared there will have links that we can share and spread the word about your sweet dogs come back and experience with Lucky Dog Food. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. I love your sisters and hope to get to know you better. YAY Guinness! Yay Catherine and her Instant Pot! Yay you for giving LDF a try!
      If you need assistance submitting it let me know.

      • posted by Mary Ellen Ruane on October 21, 2016

        Yep I need help posting it to the testimonies .
        Thank you

        • posted by Mary Ellen Ruane on March 10, 2017

          Sorry I haven’t responded in a while, I have been with my fur baby. I would love to post pictures and copy and paste my testimonies but once again I need help doing it.

          On a different note, I have sad news my dog Guinness has a really bad bladder infection, and is in kidney failure along with other stuff wrong with her she is 12.5 years old.

          We just found this out the other day, she has never been sick.
          we were told a couple of things
          1. was to change her diet to a prescription diet “kidney care” dog
          food and stop the PD diet until her kidneys get better if they do get better.
          2. because the kidney failure is pretty bad, our vet is running another test on her pancreas to see if she has pancreatitis and we should discuss putting her down.
          The other thing she has is really bad arthritis, which we knew she would get from her bad knee.

          She stop eating her PD food, we are trying to make as comfortable as possible. She loved her PD diet and couldn’t wait to eat it until this past Sunday. 3-6-17

          My family believes that this is due to her age, and without PD diet she may not have been here with us for this long.

          We don’t know what to do at this point.

          My family can not thank you enough for this recipe, it gave our baby more energy, happiness, her coat looked great and most of all more time with us. I wish I knew this recipe years ago. Julie and Jerry thank you again, we truly appreciate your help

          Once again as soon as I figure out how to post pictures I will.

    • posted by Mary Ellen Ruane on October 19, 2016

      We did not get the surgery for Guinness, instead we changed her diet to PD Lucky Dog Food. The results are great

  18. posted by veganinblack on September 30, 2016

    My baby love puppy Stoli has had a heart murmur for a few years and recently he had a cough. I took him to the vet and an x-ray showed an enlarged heart. This morning I took him to a cardiologist to have a deeper look. The official diagnosis is -severe mitral regurgitation and mild tricuspid regurgitation. Which means leaky heart valve. He’s not in any pain and its treatable with a med. His diet has been vegan kibble and loves broccoli. Recently I’ve started him on the Protective Diet which I have been practicing for over 3 years. PD has changed my life. This dog food recipe is amazing. Stoli is a finicky 10.5yrs old at 12lbs and has been eating the food the past month. I do sprinkle a tiny bit of kibble on it to make sure he eats. One batch lasts about 2 weeks. I freeze portions and take out either in the morning or at night. His poop is amazing, he was always a good pooper but now its the same every time. I also love that he can eat a bigger portion that 1/4 cup of kibble. I hope to have him 100% in a month or two.

  19. posted by Dorothy on September 28, 2016

    Julie i’m trying to use the dog calculator to see how much I should be feeding my boys. but in that calculation it is requesting the number of calories in a serving. I don’t know the calorie content of lucky dog food do you?

    • posted by Julie Marie on September 29, 2016

      It is between 250 and 290 calories per cup.

      • posted by Dorothy on February 18, 2017

        Thank you Julie. Shalom and Samuel LOVE Lucky Dog Food! Both of their coats have gotten softer and sleeker. They both have slimed down and toned up. We will never go back to store bought.

        Shlomo will be twelve in May and Samuel will be 10 in May. Before LDF Shlomo was sleeping a lot and had a hard time walking. he had no energy. Now after going outside he will run back indoors, put his little rear end up in the air with his head between his feet down on the ground. And there he goes! He wants to play and run!!

        Thank you Julie for your research into the REAL nutrients and protein dogs really need. AND coming up with this fabulous recipe!

  20. posted by Kathryn on September 2, 2016

    Julie, I have a few questions if you don’t mind. This is my first time using the instant pot, when making the dog food do you use the natural release method and let it cool that way or the quick release and take it out and cool on the counter? Also, is it a cup of each kind of lentils, the recipe calls for 1, but in the video it looked like you used a cup of each?

    • posted by Julie Marie on September 5, 2016

      Hi Kathryn,
      Direction step #7: Allow pressure to naturally release.
      Since filming the video I reduced the ingredient measurements on the written recipe due to people being over zealous with their measurements and having a problem with their pressure cookers not reaching pressure due to volume being to large. Always follow written recipes in case of improvement updates and changes. Please let us know how your dog or dogs enjoyed Lucky Dog Food.

      • posted by Kathryn on September 5, 2016

        thanks Julie, I made this on Friday and both dogs loved it! Jack seemed to have gas and I thought it might be the broccoli, I might make it next time with just Kale and see if that helps. Not that he seemed uncomfortable, it was just a little stinky when he was laying next to me!!!

  21. posted by Kathryn on August 30, 2016

    Julie, I got my instant pot in the mail today and I am going to make this! Thank you so much for all you do. I will let you know how my dogs like it!

  22. posted by angela sorrentino on August 14, 2016

    Perfect poo is right! I have an elderly dog that is blind and on most days walked with a limp. 48 hours after being on LDF – he had a pep in his step and barely a limp. He has now been on LDF for about a month and energy is stronger than it has been in years. I now have (2) 11 week old pups that LOVE LDF and are thriving as well. Poop galore at our house with great appetites and bursting energy. As vegans… We all know that we have regular bowel movements and now do do our dogs! Looking forward to many happy, healthy years with my babies.

  23. posted by Bonnie Drager on July 22, 2016

    Julie do you have to switch them over to this food over several days like you would if you were changing kibble or can you do it in one day??

    • posted by Julie Marie on July 23, 2016

      I switched Lucky over immediately because he had diarrhea from the Blue Buffalo kibble the shelter had been feeding him. In 24 hours his elimination was perfect.

  24. posted by [email protected] on July 20, 2016

    What is the calorie content for a cup ? Would love to start by feeding my 3 pups this several times a week . I watch their calories because they are all on the chubby side and I want them to loose not gain .

  25. posted by Robbin Reid on July 18, 2016

    AMAZING results with this food! My 8 year old dog has been declining rapidly this year with a chronic kidney disease requiring prescription dog food and medication and STILL kept getting worse every month. She was bloated, had multiple urinating accidents, had trouble catching her breath and her coat looked awful & mangy. She looked at me with absolute fear in her eyes and was constantly agitated. She has had this dog food since May 1st and on Saturday my vet said “this isn’t the same dog!” Her urinalysis isn’t completely normal but I no longer have to bring her in for bimonthly urine checks. She is acting young again, hopping barrier gates and playing with my other dog. Her coat is beautiful! She is no longer bloated and her abdomen is soft (it was hard before). She no longer has any urine accidents and breathes normally. I have my sweet dog back!!!!!! Julie, I can’t thank you enough! “Food is my medicine” and my dogs too!

  26. posted by Mary Ellen Ruane on July 13, 2016

    I don’t have a electric pressure cooker, is there anything I can substitute it with? I am also on a tight budget.
    Thank you

    • posted by Julie Marie on July 13, 2016

      Mary, When cooking in a pressure cooker very little water is lost. On the stove top water evaporates, more water is needed to allow for this and cook times are longer than in the pressure cooker. This can be cooked on the stove top but the water measurements would need to be increased. I’m not sure of the amounts and cook time for stove top cooking because I haven’t tested it. Stove top cooking may change the texture as well. You could cook the components of the recipe separately and combine them, but again I’m unsure of the final texture. This can effect the dogs elimination. I would put an electric pressure cooker on my wish list before taking on the project of cooking my dogs daily meals on the stove top. It can be done, it just needs some test runs to create the perfect batch. Let me know if you give it a try and what the outcome is.

    • posted by Mary Ellen Ruane on July 13, 2016

      My dog is currently on a store brand vegan food that I think she’s having a allergic reaction to it. I started giving her more fruits and veggies with her dry dog food. I am excited to make this for my fur baby but can not get a electric pressure cooker at this time.
      Thank you

  27. posted by honeyb3998 on July 12, 2016

    My five furry kids all love their Lucky Dog Food. I have 2 littles dogs and 3 big dogs.
    It makes me so happy that my five very different breeds, size and temperaments all love Lucky Dog Food and will have the benefit of this nutrition.

    There is another Electric Pressure Cooker in my future to keep up with the demand .
    My gang gives this recipe ten paws

    Thank you Julie and Jerry!

  28. posted by Sheree Britt on July 9, 2016

    Been awake since 3am finally got out of bed and made the apple muffins so the kids would be happy. I always watch my kids poo and clean up right away. For nearly 11 months I I have been cleaning up diarrhea most of the time. We have always used premium dog food since regular brands made them so sick. We have changed brands and went grain free per the vet since they were not digesting properly. The girls have been on meds most of their lives to help and still never good poo. After 24 hours on Lucky dog food my girls have perfect poo. I was crying picking it up. Thank you Julie Marie Christensen!❤️❤️❤️

  29. posted by susannaball on July 6, 2016

    I’ve heard that commercial dog food has ingredients to make their poop easy to pick up. I fed my springer spaniel nothing but sweet potatoes and pinto beans for a month to clear up a skin condition. It helped but poops were soft and not easy to pick up. I’d like to hear about Lucky’s poops!

    • posted by Julie Marie on July 7, 2016

      I think it would be too much for me to post pictures of Lucky’s poop, but it is PERFECT! In just 24 hours it went from pudding to perfect to pick up. Jerry and I celebrate how perfect it is after him being so sick. Potatoes and beans without the grains will not work. Same with meals of just oats, rice or just potatoes. This recipe combination with these measurements make Lucky’s elimination and pick up a sure and easy thing.

  30. posted by Sheree Britt on July 5, 2016

    Oh I so want to make this for my kids. I have two girls that have digestive issues. My 5 kids eat three times a day too. They range from 45 – 60 lbs. gonna have to see if I can swing it. Thank you Julie!

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